Andy Leigh de Fonseca

Chicago, IL, USA, Planet Earth 

Professional Info


As an author, artist, photographer and space enthusiast, I enjoy a challenge in my work. I enjoy having to research a project or problem, I crave learning new techniques, information, or facts that will enhance whatever it is I'm working on at the moment, and I love what I'm doing. 

Work Experience


Marketing Director
Apollo Events | DJ, Photo Booth, Photography

2016 - Present


  • Find creative and inexpensive ways to get the Apollo name and image in the community and online to reach new audiences; 

  • Meet and liaise with current and potential vendors to negotiate and agree on advertising and sponsorships;

  • Meet and liaise with current and potential clients to negotiate and agree upon services and pricing;

  • Investigate and keep up-to-date with current market trends in clients;

  • Research competitors' marketing materials and pricing



  • Maintain marketing materials between owners and technicians;

  • Coordinate office events and all community appearances, such as expos, association meetings, and talks by identifying, assembling, and organizing requirements;

  • Create brand awareness;

  • Organize and keep inventory of brand items such as contracts, swag, and letterhead;

  • Set up tracking systems for marketing campaigns and online activities;

  • Manage calendars between owners and techs for potential gigs, booked gigs, and personal time;

  • Create invoicing for deposits and set up monthly payments for clients;

  • Manage bookkeeping of all money in and out, divvying up payments between company expenses, marketing, and techs;


Content Creator

  • Design, create, edit, and optimize all marketing materials and ensure they are in line with all printing specifications;

  • Ensures messages and designs are in line with company's strategies and look;

  • Create and write content for social media networks;

  • Develop fresh copy and stories for website and blog;

  • Photograph jobs for company's portfolio and social network marketing;

  • Photography weddings when hired



  • Manage company's social media networks to keep a personable face and boost SEO;

  • Keep online directories up-to-date and research new places to increase company website backlinks;

  • Manage website, updating pricing, photos, and design, ensuring it is up-to-date with targeted SEO keywords;

  • Continually update SEO across social media and website, finding new ways to improve SEO;

  • Developed and maintain Google Adwords, adjusting for SEO changes



  • Keep up-to-date on Google Analytics and Google Search Console and adjust website and adwords accordingly;

  • Examine ROI on all campaigns;

  • Evaluate market infiltration;

  • Determine cause and effect relationships with outcomes;

  • Identify positive and negative outcomes of ROI to determine next steps and profitability;

  • Solicit customer feedback

SEO Specialist
[private company]

2017 Independent Contract Work

Checklist & Improvement Suggestions Included:

  • Social media:

    • Consistency with brand - one unique style and logo across platforms​;

    • Respond to negative reviews;

    • Engage in comments and questions;

    • Schedule posts through Hootsuite; 

    • Notes on under and over-posting;

    • How-to on social media giveaways;

    • Importance of hashtags and trending awareness;

    • Importance of images and brief copy

  • Website Analysis & Design (three websites):

    • Making product search and purchasing easier by improving customer flow​ to increase check-out final step;

    • Web copy edits for clearer understanding;

    • Cutting down on tabs, menus, and sub menus to decrease clutter and redundancy;

    • Design notes for a more professional look

  • SEO:

    • Researched competitors' websites and social media and provided report;​

    • Used report to suggest Google Adwords campaigns and web copy changes;

    • Provided checklist on keywords to use in social media and blogging;

    • Provided list of keywords to use in web copy;

    • Researched list of directories and websites to promote company to increase backlinks

Content Specialist
Milyli, Inc.

2016 - 2017 Independent Contract Work

Content Creation

  • Ensured collateral, social media, and website content and copy were up-to-date based on changing industry, competitors, and company goals, while maintaining a consistent, engaging voice across all channels;

  • Was in constant communication with owners and staff to ensure collateral, social media, and website content and copy were up-to-date based on clients' and prospects' current wants and needs;

  • Maintained a deep understanding of the various relevant industries, products and services, users, and competitors in order to share knowledge and produce new content and campaigns around current happenings and trends;

  • Generated a regular output of high-quality, relevant marketing content - including email campaigns, blog posts, social media, etc. Content included a variety of posts, such as well-researched thought leadership pieces, infographics, lists, interviews with experts and clients, etc.;

  • Implemented SEO best practices, as provided, into social media, website, landing pages, email, and blog copy;

  • Optimized email campaigns through AB Testing, segmentation, precise email copy and call-to-action buttons, providing the highest quality content to the relevant marketing lists, promoting current events, blog posts, new products, etc. on regular basis;

  • Constant education through articles and webinars to remain on top of current marketing trends and best practices for highest outreach success;

  • Maintained a social media presence across all channels through regular updates and content, moderating comments and feedback, promoting continued growth and engagement of audiences


Event Coordinator

  • Carefully researched industry events to ensure they were the right audience for us;

  • Planned travel, accommodations, and packing lists for necessary parties;

  • Ensured events ran smoothly through proper preparation and communication with traveling parties and hosts;

  • Provided necessary materials to parties to help generate leads through deeper relationships with clients and prospects during face-to-face time;

  • Engaged with audiences through social media with first-hand content, such as quotes, photos, news, feedback and thoughts, etc.;

  • Researched, designed, and ordered relevant promotional items that are not only related to product campaigns but are also useful to the user in order to keep the company name at the top of client and prospect minds long after an event is over


Other Tasks 

  • Researched, developed, placed, and analyzed other avenues for advertisements to get the company name and brand in front of decision makers not touched by current marketing channels;

  • Increased ROI through meticulously tracked analysis gathered by team to know what is working and what is not, adjust and fix based on findings; 

  • Helped the company as needed;

  • Continually grew as an expert in marketing and relevant industries

Marketing Director
American Vintage Home, Inc.

2014 - 2016



  • Managed a budget of $520,000;

  • Found new ways to expand the AVH name and image in the community, online, and in print through advertisements and charitable sponsorships; 

  • Met and liaised with current and potential vendors to negotiate and agree on projects;

  • Met and liaised with community groups and businesses to form a solid working relationship;

  • Investigated and kept up-to-date with current market trends in design and consumers;

  • Researched competitors' marketing materials 



  • Managed company's social media networks;

  • Set up and delivered email campaigns;

  • Developed and delivered direct mail campaigns;

  • Maintained communication of marketing materials to company's owners;

  • Coordinated office events and all community appearances, such as home shows, markets, festivals, association meetings, and talks by identifying, assembling, and organizing requirements;

  • Created and delivered press releases, media relations content, executive bios, company newsletter content, and speaking proposals;

  • Created brand awareness;

  • Organized and prepared applications for city-approved advertising;

  • Organized and kept inventory of brand items such as contracts, swag, and letterhead;

  • Set up tracking systems for marketing campaigns and online activities


Content Creator

  • Created, edited, and optimized marketing materials and ensured they were in line with all printing specifications;

  • Ensured messages and designs were in line with company's strategies and look;

  • Delivered content for social media networks;

  • Created informative brochures, cards, and other items for clients and home shows;

  • Developed fresh copy and stories;

  • Produced clear and concise written correspondence;

  • Photographed jobs for company's portfolio and social network marketing;

  • Shot and edited company videos;

  • Designed all marketing materials such as direct mailers, e-mail blasts, web advertisements, print advertisements, sponsorship materials, invitations, contracts, and even trucks



  • Examined ROI on all campaigns;

  • Evaluated market infiltration;

  • Determined cause and effect relationships with outcomes;

  • Evaluated customer feedback on campaigns;

  • Identified positive and negative outcomes of ROI to determine next steps and profitability;

  • Offered solutions to problems and warned about potential problems;

  • Solicited customer feedback;

  • Kept extensive data on previous years and tracked trends and improvements;

  • Developed and improved future marketing campaigns with analyzed data


In my first year of work, had an overall ROI of 574% (with 50% overhead taken out).

In second year, overall ROI was 786% (with 50% overhead taken out). 

Sales Assistant: Focus on Design and Marketing
Rex Electric & Technologies

2011 - 2014



  • Researched and expanded advertising throughout Chicagoland;

  • Analyzed user feedback and data, implementing changes to improve visibility and impact;

  • Designed print and online advertisements;

  • Expanded online presence with new ad space and social media activity;

  • Created informational and special event videos for internal and external use;

  • Company photography (job photos, company events, charity events, photos as needed for advertisements);

  • Created quarterly newsletter (4,000 client and vendor recipients);

  • Designed official company emails to clients and vendors (invitations, specials, breaking news)

  • Logo design;

  • Designer on company’s new website for better UI interface


Community Service

  • Expanded charitable outreach through employee suggestions;

  • Organized charitable events and photo ops;

  • Designed program inserts for sponsored events;

  • Managed charity budget of $10,000 spanning multiple projects;

  • Coordinated large projects (Rebuilding Chicago, Ducky Derby)


Team Building

  • Created quarterly internal magazine (sent to 400 employees);

  • Organized company events;

  • Created Make-A-Difference Program, which drives communication between employees and Leadership Team through virtual suggestion box and an open door policy;

  • Created company satisfaction survey to be implemented fall 2013 with goal to improve company morale and retention;

  • Created employee appreciation plan




































(it's in the details)












TESL CERTIFIED, Teaching      English as a Second  Language






Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Graduated May, 2008

Cinema & Photography, History, Theatre


  • SIUC 25 Most Distinguished Seniors Award

  • Blumberg Award, Most Outstanding Screenplay, 2008

  • SIUC History Department Alumni Award, 2007

  • O’Day Award,  Most Outstanding Undergraduate Research Paper, 2008

  • Robert Dennis Filmmaking Award

Volunteer Work

The Planetary Society

Outreach Coordinator

  • Head of Chicago branch of international space exploration society;

  • Recruit volunteers and members to help spread the passion of space exploration;

  • Support volunteers wanting to put on their own events, assisting in materials, promotion, and coordination;

  • Coordinate meetings, minutes, members, and promotional materials;

  • Contact and liaise with various organizations throughout the Chicagoland area;

  • Coordinate various events and track happenings and outcomes to ensure next event is improved upon;

  • Monthly conference call with TPS volunteer director and other outreach coordinators 


Adler Planetarium

Education Host

  • Facilitate check-in;

  • Educate the masses on various space science subjects;

  • Lead hands-on projects;


Chicago Cares

Volunteer Leader

  • Organize and facilitate various volunteer events;

  • Recruited, coordinated, and taught volunteers before, during, and after events to fully engage them in the program and who they were helping;

  • Submit event reports 

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