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Wedding Photography - Going the Extra Mile

Sometimes wedding photographers come across a photo that's almost perfect, but not quite. Sometimes those photos are deleted, sometimes they're passed on to the bride as-is. And sometimes, the photographer will put a little bit of extra photoshop leg work into the photo to MAKE it perfect. I love having a perfect photo. If I can manipulate an almost-perfect photo to get there, the extra time is worth it!

Brittany had a cast on her foot for her home reception, so when she threw the bouquet, she grimaced.

With a little love, a more comfortable picture was made:

And the pink/orange pre-flash on the face in the background was taken out as well! It's the little things that help make a photo worth keeping.

Final photo:

Chicago brides and grooms, grab a wedding photographer that will go the extra mile for your big day!

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