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The Sad Reality of the Cheap Vendor

We already covered in a couple blog posts about why you shouldn't go cheap on your wedding photography. Today is a reminder of that, but including your wedding DJ. In wedding vendors, it's very much "you get what you pay for", and if you're only looking at the price tag of the DJ or the photographer, you may, too late, see why they were so inexpensive.

My family's business is in helping make weddings memorable for everyone, and we discuss business quite often. Below are some sad texts shared between a few family members.

For some, seeing videos online of a bad DJ, or wedding photos from a bad photographer, can be amusing. In our family, where we know how important this day is to people and whole families, it's heartbreaking when this sort of bad service happens.

Being a wedding DJ is more than just the speakers and laptop. Being a wedding photographer is more than just having a nice digital camera. It's working with the couple, knowing the couple, anticipating their needs, reading the room, reading the lighting, the list could go on. But long story short - it's about caring about your clients, who, in this family business, become family. And you'll do anything for family.

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