The Cheat Code for God Mode



Margy yanked the cord from the wall. Victor balled onto the 

floor and grabbed his head.

“What have we done what have we done what have we 


“Breathing exercises.”

“Hee hee hooooo. Hee hee hooooo. We destroyed 

property! Hee hee hooooo. Stole a car! Hee hee—DID WE 


Margy’s breath escaped her as she stared at the NarviPlay, 

the orb casting a light blue circle on the floor where the sun 

went through it. She pulled out her remote and turned on her 

screen. She searched the apps.

“No... but there were injuries. Lots of damage.”

“We have to fix this!”

“Let’s be positive it’s our fault! This is impossible, so it 

must have been someone, something else.” She grabbed the 

cord but Victor slapped it out of her hand.

“We can’t hurt more people! And it’s not the most 

brilliant idea to send OP back out there when his face is on 

every local–”

“It’s not.” Margy brought up the different news apps on 

the big screen, which were reporting on the footage from 

various security cameras along the unstable’s path. Each 

shot of OP was blurred or distorted. 

“That’s some lame movie cop out, there,” Victor breathed. 

“It’s gotta be part of the cheat code.”

Victor pulled himself to the couch. “Fine. Test it. But it 

has to be indisputable, and you can’t hurt anyone, or destroy 

anything. No damage.”

Margy nodded and plugged the cord into the wall. She 

grabbed the controller and sat next to Victor. OP appeared 

on a street corner. Margy opened the command center. 


 > Giant chicken




Nothing happened on screen. Victor and Margy waited. 

Then waited some more. 

Victor put his head in his hands and stared at the coffee 

table. The stale lager in the mug from last night rippled 

ever so slightly. 

It rippled again, stronger this time. Victor nudged Margy. 

They felt it in their feet.

Margy looked at Victor. “A trash truck moving–”

The walls trembled. Victor jumped up. “I thought I said 

no destroying anything!”

He ran out the door with Margy close behind and 

sprinted to the end of the street. Down the road, at the end 

of Main Street, the river reflected the blinding sun, which 

failed to hinder the giant chicken that was wading through 

it. The chicken’s wingspan easily stretched from south 

bank to north bank. Its feathers fluttered in the wind, water 

rushed around its bony yellow legs, and its red waddles 

flopped back and forth with each step. Crowds had gathered 

as far as their eyes could see. 

“Turn the game off, Margy!” 

She ran back and hit the button, ejecting the disc. 

Shortly later, Victor shut the door behind him. 

“What happened?” Margy asked, afraid to breathe until 

she knew it was safe.

He was silent for several moments. Victor was sweating 

as if he had just ran a marathon. He shivered as if it were 

below freezing. He held on to the doorknob as though he 

would collapse. “It disappeared.... Like, a cloud of pixels 

evaporating in the air, millions of bits of colors just drifting

into the sky.” His panicked eyes calmed and a smile broke 

through. “It was awesome.”

Margy laughed. Then they were laughing together. They 

shrieked and jumped. They screamed and spun around. They 

punched the air and thrust their pelvises. They took shots of 


Victor hit the button and Adamina lit the room.

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